EgyptAir operates flights to Kuwait to bring back home Egyptians:

EgyptAir company decided operating as of Wednesday one flight on daily basis to Kuwait to bring back home Egyptians stranded there, said an EgyptAir official source on Tuesday. He added in statements that the company coordinated efforts with the Egyptian Ministry of Emigration and the Kuwaiti Civil Aviation Authority. Also, the company coordinated efforts with [...]


Depictions Images and statues of Amun usually show him as a man with a blue or black skin. He wears a double-plumed headdress and the plumes have alternating colors of either red and green or red and blue. Amun wears several pieces of jewelry including a broad collar or necklace, bracelets and armlets. His clothing is […]


Edfu The site of another well-preserved temple, the Temple of Edfu, also known as The Temple of Horus, was constructed on top of earlier temples. Located in Upper Egypt, the Temple of Horus was an incredible source of information regarding ancient Egyptian political and religious thought. An enormous statue of Horus as a falcon is one of the most […]


SYNAGOGUE The Synagogue of Ben Ezra was originally a church. However, it needed to be sold to pay the annual taxes imposed on the church by the government in 882 A.D. The synagogue is named after Abraham Ben Ezra who bought the church for a sum of 20,000 dinars. The basilican structure with a nave […]


ST.GEORGE (GREEK ORTHODOX) The Greek Orthodox Church of St. George was erected upon the northern tower of the Fortress of Babylon and echoes its round shape. The church can be reached through a flight of stairs and is crowned by an impressive dome. Tradition has it that St. George was kept in a prison close […]