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Star Shine Tours

It is a tourist agency, license No. 1319 (A), IATA certified,  specialized in providing professional travel services in Egypt, and one of the top names in local and international markets, dedicated to travel management services and tourism.

Star Shine Tours is headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, and operates a network of branch offices across Egypt and China as well as agents in Jordan, Portugal, Canada, Bulgaria, and Italy, and more.

Star Shine Tours has grown over the past years since 1993 to become an integral part of the travel industry in Egypt.

Star shine is managed by independent non-biased local and international professionals who have been experiencing practically & technically in various fields of travel and tours.

Star Shine Tours  is complimenting all the needs and wants of clients such as;

Air Tickets, Hotel Bookings, Holiday Packages, Car Rental Services, Railway Tickets, Travel Insurance, Airport Pick & Drop, Airport Meet & Assist, Special offers for groups, Visa Services Facility, Events Management, B2B & B2C services, Charter Flights.

Our Vision


Adventure Tours

We are dedicated to allow travelers to experience adrenaline-filled, off-the-beaten-path expeditions. try our adventitious tours that will guarantee you an enjoyable and memorable experience, however, our number one priority is your safety and welfare.


Create Your Own Tour

We are committed to turn your new and imaginative ideas into reality with our dedicated team who are working on a 24-hour base to create the most fascinating tours that will for sure meet your expectations. contact us and shape your own personal dream tour and enjoy the maximum of your your travel.


Travel as you never did before

Star Shine Tours is mainly focused on the application of technology on all of its tour aspects in order to reduce costs for its customers, enhance operational efficiency, and improve services and customer experience.

Both customers and businesses can benefit from improved communication, reservations, and guest service systems used by the dedicated team of Star Shine Tours.

Visit New Cities Make New Friends

the desire for knowledge has always been the main motive for our tours.  Our Principle in Star Shine Tours is to connect you with the whole world as we bring seven continents in one place in order to fulfill this human desire and allow you to capture a vivid image of every country through your travel companions.

Enjoy the most of your vacation

We organize full Unconventional tour packages for individuals, families and groups to several destinations in different parts of the world and the ultimate aim of Creating our tours is enthusiasm and fun in order to guarantee a dream tour for every and each traveler.

Why Book With Us?

Our Mission

We combine the best aspects of local and global travel management companies by exploring possibilities and innovative solutions to make traveling easy and safe for our customers.

with being the pioneers of outdoor experiences by adding new attractions to the Egyptian tourism map.

Our relationship with our clients is a top priority for every member of our team. We strive to meet clients’ needs to ensure long-term relationships.

We don’t want to sell a travel package, we want to look at opportunities and challenges and understand our clients’ needs so we can custom design travel that meets their specific requirements.

Since we are one of the leading travel companies in Egypt for over 20 years, Star shine has strengthened as one of the most reliable tour operators in the region.

With over 25 years of experience and over a million happy customers annually, we are ready to serve all needs of all travelers throughout their stay.

Our relationships in the field of tourism and our agents around the world that work in harmony give us a high ability to give high-quality solutions at every step of the traveler’s journey.

Our team of highly trained multilingual staff and representatives will assist you with all your requests before and during your vacation.

We are able to offer a wide range of different excursions that can appeal to all interests and tastes.
(Historical packages – Recreational packages – Adventure and camping packages – School and university packages – Exhibition and conference – relaxation, healing packages – Business packages -VIP packages – one-day tour packages )

We pride ourselves on our ability to create a tourist experience that satisfies our guests, enhances trust, and creates long-term relationships.
and We are always happy to offer our permanent customers golden cards, through which they can get free rides and discounts of up to 50%.

Our company offers the highest quality of tourist trips with the highest level of service, with economical fees consistent with all categories.

Our services are never interrupted, our company’s team provides all the tourist services you need continuously and without stopping before and during your vacation.

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