WHO Representative in Egypt John Jabbour stated on Monday that 85 percent of COVID-19 infections in Egypt recover without treatment.

Jabbour stated that the infection spread rate in Egypt has reached a plateau, and that 100 percent of deaths cases suffer from chronic diseases, which cause complications that lead to death.

Jabbour clarified that the WHO cooperates with the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population to set a mechanism for measuring death cases stats. He pointed out that 30 percent of death cases in Egypt die before reaching the hospital. Hence, people are advised to see a doctor if they develop symptoms similar to flu symptoms, or if they have dealt with identified positive cases.

Jabbour refuted estimated figures about infections in Egypt claiming that the number is around 19,500. “Such figures have been reported by the media without any scientific discussion. The organization would never reject scientific systematic estimations about any country. Rather, we would respond to such estimations in order to combat the epidemic,” Jabbour said.

“If such estimated figure – 19,500 infections – is true, there would be a need for 1,000 ventilators, which cannot be hidden, deaths cases would be 1,500, and identified infection cases would be several thousands more,” Jabbour added.

Jabbour affirmed that WHO abides by objectivity and does not do politics.

Jabbour added in a joint press conference with Chairman of the State Information Service (SIS) Diaa Rashwan that Egypt is one of four states eastern the Mediterranean that received PCR devices.

Jabbour pointed out that medical staffs are among the most vulnerable to COVID-19 infection, and that the Egyptian government has to take strict measures to limit the virus spread.

Jabbour pointed out that young individuals do not show many symptoms unlike the elderly and individuals who have a weak immunity system, particularly those who suffer from heart diseases.

Jabbour added that clinical tests are underway to develop a treatment for COVID-19; however, that will not occur soon, and no date can be designated as the criteria for the treatment endorsement has to be met first.

Jabbour stated that the WHO is coordinating with other medical organizations as there is no tracking system that is 100 percent accurate.

Jabbour criticized individuals who abandoned their pets saying there is no reason behind that behavior. He added that pets must be treated as any family member, and that owners must take protective measures with them as they do with themselves.

Jabbour clarified that the use of face masks in the street is not recommended because it gives a wrong feeling of safety. The same applies to gloves as they can transmit infection. The most important tip is washing hands regularly.

On Sunday, Egypt recorded a total of 2,065 infections and 159 deaths with a rise of 126 and 13, respectively. The number of patients who tested negative became 589, including 447 who left the quarantine hospital.