Invest in Egypt

Where To Invest In Egypt


Egypt has witnessed a lot of ups and downs in recent few years, but the country is now getting back on track. Investors are now seeing Egyptian market as a fruitful and future-oriented market and encouraging more and more investors to come and invest here. Egyptian oil, gas and petrochemical industries are widely regarded as having the most potential right now in Egpyt, but there are also a few additional areas where it’s worth thinking seriously about investing:



Making investments in Egypt is a very good idea and it’s increasingly the new go-to investment location of the future. From its location to its resources and future growth expectations, Egypt has a ton of investment potential.


Areas Of Investment


Egypt has many prime investment opportunities. Some of the best sectors to research are


  • Asset acquirement
  • Oil and gas production and exploration
  • New petrochemical projects
  • New world-class third generation refinery projects
  • New joint mega LNG projects
  • Buying shares of great companies in the Egyptian stock market
  • Industries manufacturing oil and gas materials, equipment and services

Reasons To Invest In Egypt Now


Egypt has been successful in appealing to foreign investors and in creating prolific partnerships with many international oil and gas companies. The support of the Egyptian government has been a driving force behind these successful partnerships and has helped the country emerge as a favored location for investment. There are many reasons which make investing in Egypt a wise decision. Decreased tariff rates, revitalization of assets, growth in financial sector, free trade agreements, low land prices, easy dispute settlement methods and the addition of new trading opportunities, are few of the steps that have been taken to make Egypt a very attractive investment location.

Sectors where you can invest


Egypt is progressing in every sector, but a few of the true superstar sectors are the production sector, tourism sector, petroleum sector, agricultural sector, industrial sector and real estate sector.

Egypt As An Outsourcing Location


Egypt is quickly positioning itself as a leading outsourcing location in the global market. The country is now involved in offering services to many companies headquarted in places like the USA, Canada, UK, mainland Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, APAC and the Middle East. The excellent command and fluency over spoken and written English by Egyptians is one major reason companies are choosing to outsource to here. Many Egyptians also have a good command are French, German, and Spanish.

Invest in Egypt

The Bottom Line


Now is a great time to invest in Egypt. Sound reforms, public initiatives and an educated and healthy labor force as well as plenty of natural resources have helped Egypt become a prime destination for global companies and investments.