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Student package: 7 Days


A magnificent travel package is provided by Star Shine Tours tour to the ancient wonders and essential sights of Egypt at your hands. Smell the odor of sanctity in awe of the staggering Karnak and Luxor Temples in Luxor city. Visit the Temple of Hatshepsut in the Valley of the Queens where wives of noble pharaohs were buried. Stand before and watch the Colossi of Memnon. Move from the sandy necropolises of Giza and Sakkara to the unspoiled beaches of Hurghada. Make use of our travel package today and waste no time in exploring the essential sights of Egypt
The Tour is selective as it includes travelling to 3 of the best places in Egypt. Where you can enjoy the Sea, the Ancient Temples, and the Great Pyramids.


Once you arrive in the international Cairo airport you will be received by our representatives who will be more than happy to help with everything starting from the visa to the luggage and they will take you to one of the best hotels in Egypt by one of our modern and air-conditioned cars.
Our representatives also will help you to check in a  5 stars hotel then it will be your time rest and get ready to start the best tour in your life.

What is better than the great Pyramids of Giza and the magnificent sphinx to start your tour and take memorable photos to remind you of the visit? After having the delicious Egyptian breakfast you will be ready to start the real visit!
our first destination will be one of the greatest cities in Egypt since the beginning of time: Memphis, the city of pharaohs that was Founded in 3200 BC by King Narmer, it was the capital of Egypt in the era of the Old Kingdom and it is known now as Giza.
Then we will have lunch in one of the best restaurants in Egypt in order to refill your power to our next destination, the Egyptian museum one of the biggest and most famous museum in Cairo. it is the place where you will be exposed to an extensive collection of Pharaonic antiquities that are the oldest, and most famous pieces in the world.

After having the breakfast at the hotel we will say goodbye to Cairo and embark on our journey to sail to the city of relaxation, and one of the country’s main tourist centers located on the Red Sea coast. we can offer additional programs like the Desert Safari where you will be able to explore the beautiful Egyptian wild we’ll also have the opportunity to ride on camel back and learn about these gentle and iconic creatures, perfectly adapted to their natural environment, and one of the emblems of this part of the world.

we also can offer an optional visit to a Bedouin village where we’ll learn about the ancestral culture of the Bedouins, inhabitants of these lands since time immemorial. We’ll really immerse ourselves in this ancient way of life with an authentic Bedouin dinner.

The bus heads out from Hurghada to Luxor. Luxor is a city on the east bank of the Nile River in southern Egypt. It’s on the site of ancient Thebes, the pharaohs’ capital at the height of their power, during the 16th–11th centuries B.C. Today’s city surrounds 2 huge, surviving ancient monuments: graceful Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple, a mile north. The royal tombs of the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens are on the river’s west bank. so we will start The day with a visit to the Valley of kings, then we will head to the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the Colossi of Memnon. And the last place to visit  is the Karnak Temple and the Temple of Luxor.

After we head back to Hurghada, the forth day of your tour is your own day you can relax in the hotel and enjoy the warm sand and the sunshine at the beach or You can make the day more exciting and try an additional tour which is the Hot Balloon that can reach up to 5,000 feet. You will have the chance to witness the preparations of the Hot Air Balloon before taking off. then you will have an unforgettable flight experience in the sky over the desert and the display of an amazing sunrise enjoying a unique view of the magnificent city of Hurghada.

this will be the last day on Hurghada so try to make the maximum use of it. Enjoy the beautiful view of the red sea and the warm sand of Hurghada before we check out and hit back to Cairo.
upon arriving in Cairo and having your dinner our Guide can take you to the city center where you will be able to experience the taste of Egypt’s local food and drinks and enjoy the night life of Cairo.

The tour is coming to an end? what about a last day of fun? you have the day to choose what you want to do and we are ready for it. you can go shopping in Khan El-Khallili market which is a major souk in the historic center of Islamic Cairo where they can buy remarkable souvenirs for your family and friends.

Our 2nd  suggestion is an additional optional tour if the time before the departure allows. You can visit one last city and it is the best of all. Alexandria which was home to a lighthouse ranking among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World as well as a storied library. The city also has Greco-Roman landmarks, old-world cafes and sandy beaches. Its 15th-century seafront Qaitbay Citadel is now a museum.
if you would like to visit this beautiful city we can add it to your program just tell us before we can arrange your departure to leave from Alexandria airport.
if you have another plans for an optional tour we will be happy to help you and make your visit unforgettable.


Discover new cities, make new friends!


          • Tour Duration 7 days/6 nights
            Transport Vehicle
            Availability any day around the year
            Tour Style Classic Tours
            Tour Name Cairo – Giza- Hurghada – Luxor: 7 Days
            Starting Point Cairo, Egypt
            Finishing Point Cairo, Egypt
            Price Start from 420$
cairo, Egypt
7 days

per adult

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