The ancient Port Said lighthouse is one of the ruins of the province, and it is the oldest concrete lighthouse in the world built by the French to guide ships to the city.

It was established during the reign of Khedive Ismail June 1869, and entered into actual work in February 1870.

The practical steps were taken to establish Port Said as a seaport after the meeting of ” Dilipsis” on April 25, 1859 A.D. Several decisions were taken, including the establishment of a lighthouse. Therefore, the company asked European group of workers to establish a temporary lighthouse near the southern limit of the western wave barrier, and the lighthouse was established to guide the ships that frequent the City.

The lighthouse was constructed on a base near the inner end of the channel’s western waves barrier surrounded by huge stones to block the waves from all sides at the opening, and the lighthouse still maintains its original layout despite the additions that have been developed in it, as it consists of an octagonal tower projected from the outside in the middle built of concrete Armed rises to a distance of 56 meters, including the glass lantern, and the north and south wings of the tower are integrated in the body of the tower, each of two floors of stone containing rooms and offices that were used as housing for observers and administrators and the northern wing connected to the body of the lighthouse tower through a door or corridor on the ground floor in the A For southeast.

The Al-Fanar Tower and its north and south wings are a regular, rectangular dimension, occupying an area of ​​30 length x 6 m, width of 180 m2, other than the added area of ​​the north wing from the west, which is 80, 16 x 10, 4 m wide.

The original layout of the lighthouse and its annexes is characterized by symmetry and symmetry in terms of space and distribution of doors and windows, especially its north and south wings, “Breakers and Observers Offices”.

This lighthouse is considered the first lighthouse built with reinforced concrete in the world, and its construction was supervised by the famous French engineer François Connier, and what distinguishes it is not only its primacy in the building material but also its continuity and stability throughout this time as this is the first time that this type of work is used in Building .

The day-to-day builders stacked layers of thicknesses of 20 to 25 cm and then piled them together by knocking them together, to ensure the consistency of the components as a whole, the mixture was reinforced internally with flat iron building trusses placed either by directing them towards a common joint center or upright vertical angles, and this was like Innovation and renewal, and concrete has been used since then as an independent building material, and not only as a material for filling with support as well as with metal supports, and this was the invention of reinforced concrete.

The Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs Resolution No. 392 of 2012 was issued to include the old Port Said Lighthouse building and its annexes within the Islamic and Coptic monuments in the governorate.