The city of Port Fouad was called this name in relation to King Fouad, and because Port Fouad was a seaport, the name was

The space is

Its area is 511 square kilometers and has a population of about 81,591 [4] people.

History of Port Fouad

It was established in Port Fouad in the year 1920 , and it was inhabited initially by 800 foreigners who worked in the Porsche Suez Canal Company. It was designed in the French style and opened in 1926, and it was named after that of King Fouad I.  Port Fouad was the seventh district of Port Said until it was declared a ci21:48:14ty by a decision of Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif No. 651 of 2010 in March 2010.

Facilities in Port Fouad

Port Fouad

Tourist villagesjusticeAl-Yaqout Village:

It consists of: – A hotel consisting of 52 rooms, 6 suites, 26 chalets, 104 units, 21 buildings, 78 units, 24 villas. So that the total number of units is 206 units in addition to the number 4 of a mosque swimming pool on an area of ​​250 square meters and it is on an area of ​​97 thousand square meters the rate of doing business 99 percent

Emerald Village:

It consists of: – A hotel consisting of 80 hotel units, 32 chalets with 128 units, 21 buildings with 66 units, 14 villas, for a total of 208 units in addition to 2 swimming pools

University facilitiesjusticeArab Academy for Maritime TransportFaculty of Commerce, Port Said UniversityFaculty of Engineering, Port Said UniversityFaculty of Physical Education, Port Said UniversityNavigational projectedit

It is a site for extracting table salt from salt water, by stone it in lakes and leaving it in the sunlight to dry the water, so the salt remains pure, and its current area is about 7 thousand acres.

Sports Club of Port Fouad

It is one of the oldest clubs in Egypt and was established in 1902 and before the opening of the city in 1926 and even before the club currently the most famous Egyptian club .

East Port Said port of

East Port Said Port is located in a unique location on the northeastern entrance to the eastern branch of the Suez Canal , amid the global trade movement between East and West. The port has zero deviation rate and huge area with expandability. It is bounded to the east by Lake El-Mallah, to the east by the eastern branch of the Suez Canal, and its current area is 72 km2. The general plan for the port consists of three phases, the first stage includes the construction of 8 miscellaneous stations with a length of 8 km berths that ended in 2012 , and the second stage includes the construction of 15 miscellaneous stations with 16 km length and ends during 2020 , while the third stage includes construction 21 varied stations, with a length of 25 km, and ends during the year 2030 .