Al Senari House

Its history dates back to the year 1209 AH – 1794 AD and was established by “Ibrahim Katkhuda Al-Sinari”, one of the wealthy people of Cairo and one of the people of Dongola in Sudan. 1801 they were confiscated by the French in 1798 in order to accommodate the members of the Committee of Sciences […]


Qorn (Arabic: القرن‎ lit. “the horn”), is the highest point (420 m) in the Theban Hills, located on the western bank of the Nile, opposite Thebes, modern Luxor. Its ancient name was Ta Dehent, or “the peak”.[citation needed] It has an almost pyramidal shape when viewed from the entrance to the Valley of the Kings, and therefore some Egyptologists believe it may have been the […]

The Royal Vehicles Museum

The Royal Vehicles Museum is one of Cairo’s museums, and it is located near the Sultan Abu El-Ela Mosque in the Bulaq Abu El-Ela area. It was established during the reign of Khedive Ismail “1863 – 1879” and some amendments were added to it during the reign of King Fouad “1917-1936”. The museum consists of […]

Nuweiba Castle

Historically, the area was inhabited by two different Bedouin tribes: the Tarabin to the north, and the Muzeina, some 8 km (5 mi) to the south. After the Six-Day War when Israel occupied the area, Nuweiba Town was established just 1.5 km (1 mi) south of Tarabeen, under the Israeli name, Neviot (Hebrew: נביעות‎). After the departure of the Israelis, the town expanded and Nuweiba Port, […]

El Andalos park

Andalus Park in Zamalek is located in Cairo in a privileged location, where it overlooks the Nile from the east and Al-Jazeera Street from the west and from the south. It has a distinctive view, where the Opera Square and the Nile Palace Bridge make it the most beautiful tourist attraction in Cairo. Al-Andalus Park […]

The Grand Egyptian Museum

It is located a few miles west of Cairo, near the Pyramids of Giza. It is being built as the world’s largest museum of archeology, to accommodate 5 million visitors annually. In addition to the commercial and recreational services buildings, the restoration center and the museum park, in which he will plant trees that were […]

zainb Khatoon

Many believe that the archaeological house, which bears the name “Zeinab Khatun”, is only the cafe, which some go to behind the Al-Azhar Mosque, where the Arab cafe is located in front of the square facing the archaeological house, and its name is Tekiyat Khan Khatun, and despite the frequency of the name of the […]

Sabil Abdl Rahman

Describe: This building has special artistic importance, as it is an independent group that contains a path and writers in which many of the masterpieces of Islamic art are represented, especially in the Ottoman era. The building represents the style of the three-way avenues, and it takes the form in which the Mamluk and Ottoman […]

Bab Al futouh

Bab Al-Futouh is one of the gates of the Cairo Wall. It was built in the year 1087 AD by Jawhar Al-Skali, then Prince Badr Al-Jamali renewed it and placed it in its current location next to the Al-Hakim Mosque by the command of God. The door consists of two circular towers in the middle […]

Tbe Tarbana Mosque

  locatedThe “Tarbana” archaeological mosque is one of the most important Islamic monuments in Alexandria Governorate, and it is located in the customs district, one of the old neighborhoods in Alexandria. The Department of Islamic Antiquities announced the removal of encroachments on the campus of the Archaeological Mosque, and Mohamed Metwally, Director General of Alexandria’s […]