Ras Mohamed Reserve

she Nature reserve Egyptian in southern Sinai Precisely 12 km from Sharm El-Shaikh.  Adjacent Gulf of Aqaba To the east and adjacent Suez Gulf To the west. The nature reserve was established in 1983. Diving and swimming are popular activities in Ras Mohamed.

This reserve is located on confluence Suez Gulf The Gulf of Aqaba , and the eastern edge of the Ras Muhammad Reserve, represents a rock wall with the Gulf waters in which it is located Coral reefs , as there is a channel The mangrove That separates the Ras Muhammed Peninsula and the island of Al-Bairah, with a length of about 250 meters. The Ras Mohammed region is characterized by coral beaches located in the depths of the Ras Muhammed water ocean, colorful fish and sea turtles that are threatened with extinction and rare marine organisms. Normal life The region also landslides “Earthquakes” The formation of water caves below the island, as the reserve is home to many the birds And important animals like: Nubian ibex In mountainous areas and species of small mammals And reptiles And insects Which appears only at night, and the reserve is home to many Important birds Such as Herons And the gulls. And its area is 480 km. It is characterized by very hot weather in summer and mild winters. Why Ras Muhammed declared a natural reserve ..Ras Muhammed declared a natural reserve when it contains a number of important and highly sensitive ideological systems such as coral reefs and environment The mangrove. And the environment of desert medications, and coastal environments, which are represented in clay plains and saline lands, and the environment of marine weeds, and this reserve is one of the most famous landmarks of Sinai .

Split shot of the bright coral reef in Ras Mahammad National Park, Red Sea, Egypt

Natural reserves in Egypt

– The nature reserves in Egypt represent examples of important environmental systems that the state seeks to protect and preserve from the factors of degradation and raise its efficiency as a solid basis for development, tourism and continuous investment. 

– The number of reserves is 30, with a total area of ​​about 150,000 km2, representing 15% of the republic’s area. The reserves cover most of the distinctive ecosystems and house more than 20,000 species of plants and animals.

– Natural reserves are major fortunes for present and future generations and a strategic reserve for the state, and the state seeks to protect these natural resources and raise their efficiency as a solid base for development, tourism and investment because the Egyptian citizen has the right to life in a clean and clean environment, with the importance of protecting and preserving natural resources for future generations and benefiting from the results These resources are in sustainable environmental development.

The history of the establishment of the Ras Mohamed reserve

Ras Mohamed Reserve was the first nature reserve to be established in  Egypt , and it was officially declared as a nature reserve in 1938, on an area of ​​97 km, but it did not receive significant attention until 1989, where a comprehensive plan was developed for its development and expansion until it reached an area of ​​about 480 km, including 135 km of wild lands, and 345 km of coral reefs and a water environment .

reason of calling

There is more than one opinion about the reason for the Ras Muhammed Sanctuary being named by this name. Ras Muhammad .

Ras Mohamed Reserve … unique location and diversity

The Ras Muhammed reserve in South Sinai is the second most important natural reserve in the world, over the past thirty years, after Uluru-Kata Park Tjuta, Australia, it is an integrated embodiment of an ecosystem that includes the sea with its gradient colors in blue, mountains and rocks witnessing the Egyptian nature , And plants such as mangroves and shura, moderate temperatures, and fresh air, to embody a natural painting in a unique harmony in the world.

The Ras Mohamed Reserve is located at the confluence of the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba, and the eastern edge of the Ras Mohamed Reserve represents a rock wall with the Gulf waters where the coral reefs are located.

Ras Mohammed region is characterized by coral beaches located in the depths of the water ocean of Ras Muhammad and by colorful fish and sea turtles threatened with extinction and rare aquatic life, like the coral reefs of Ras Muhammad from all its marine aspects and form a unique composition, which has a great impact in shaping the natural life of the region as the landslides constitute “earthquakes” “The cave formations at the bottom of the island and the reserve are home to many important birds and animals, such as: Nubian ibex in mountainous areas, species of small mammals, reptiles, and insects that only appear at night, and the reserve is home to Many important birds such as egrets and gulls.

Ras Mohamed reserve … the kiss of divers

– Ras Mohamed Reserve includes more than 12 beaches and is considered the kiss of divers in the world because it brings three environments in a wonderful variety of seaweed, coral reefs and fish (picasso fish of bright color).

The Ras Mohamed Reserve is considered the most important reserve in Egypt according to the international classification, as it is one of the 3 most important dive sites in the world, for the quality of coral reefs and the marine environment in it, in addition to the quality of coral reefs in Egypt in general, and which no country but Australia can compete with.


Biological diversity in the reserve

There are many creatures in the reserve, including:

Birds, such as: falcons, egrets, storks, mammals such as foxes, hyenas, mountain rabbits, deer, and mountain goats.

Marine animals, such as: dolphins, sharks, marine turtles, and there are about 150 types of coral reefs.

Protected gate

The Ras Mohammed gate is distinguished by its unique design, it was designed by an Egyptian engineer after the October War, and the concrete rocks that were placed next to each other were used in a very special way.

The most important tourist areas in the reserve

Ras Mohamed Reserve contains many wonderful tourist places that vary in their stunning natural scenery, the most important of which are the following :

 Suez Beach

Suez Beach is located near the Gulf of Suez, this region is characterized by its predominantly red mountains, and its waters are very pure, which has become a safe habitat for many rare marine creatures such as  Marine creek  And seagulls, dolphins, and many species of crustaceans and sponge animals in addition to more than 200 types of coral, so it is more than ideal for diving and enjoying the splendor of virgin nature in this region .

Mangrove Channel

Mangrove is one of the rarest plants on the surface of the earth, where it is found in only four places around the world, including the Ras Muhammad Reserve, this plant has a special nature where it absorbs the salts in the water and takes them out again on the outside of its leaves, and the group of mangroves separates the Ras Reserve Muhammad on the island of Al-Bairah. As for the canal, it originated millions of years ago due to a great earthquake that struck Egypt. The canal appeared about 250 meters long with shallow water that sometimes dried up due to climatic conditions. .

The enchanted lake

This lake looks like a world of fairy tales, due to the dazzling hue of colors that includes almost all shades of blue, so that some people are certain that their color has changed more than seven times per day. The lake is also linked to an ancient myth, which is that everyone who comes to swim in it and throw Coins are associated with a wish whose wish is being fulfilled, and whether it is just a legend or a fact that all visitors to the lake still do so literally today. .


 Yolanda Reef

This was named  Coral reefs  Due to a Cypriot cargo ship called Yolanda, the ship sank on the western side of the coral reef in 1980 AD, and its wreck and cargo are still lying on the sea floor until today, the coral reef also contains many fish and various marine creatures such as huge tuna, hammerhead, barracuda, etc. Therefore, trips are organized Constantly diving .

 Anemone city

When you visit this area, a person feels as if he is in a city belonging to one of the fairy tales that occurs on the sea floor. Its coral reefs appear as if they are a group of marine roads and caves. .

 Eel Garden

This garden is located under the sea floor at a distance from the beach, and it consists of a sandy plateau in which eel fish live, and some fish there may reach a length of about 80 cm.It is a distinctive area for diving and observing the life of sea snakes, with caution when approaching them in order to avoid scaring them .

 Ras Zaatar

It is a rock wall that falls vertically to the bottom of the Red Sea, which is one of the distinctive diving areas, as it contains many rare types of coral such as the black coral, in addition to various other types that cover the entire rock wall, also a wide rock crevice in the north of the wall and gradually narrowing as we go To become more like a chimney, many rare marine creatures live in this fissure .

From the foregoing, it is clear that nature reserves and national parks are important factors for tourist attraction, as some of the tourist activities that attract many visitors are carried out, such as bird watching and wild animals, scuba diving, marine biology or the practice of wandering in the forests, mountain climbing, desert hiking or practicing Scientific tourism, such as identifying the geological and rock formations, which witness the succession of different eras.

This is the tourist airspace in one of the greatest palaces of Egypt, and follow us to meet in the upcoming tours with tourist tours to get to know the most important monuments and features of ancient Egypt.

With greetings from the Star Shine Tourism team.