Ras Al-Teen Palace

It is one of the oldest palaces in Egypt , overlooking a beach The Mediterranean Sea City Alexandria.

Short head The fig One of the historical and archaeological monuments in Alexandria, and the historical significance of this palace is due to the fact that it is the only palace that witnessed the era of the establishment of a family Muhammad Ali Pasha In Egypt, which lasted about a hundred and fifty years, and it is considered the largest palace in Alexandria, and in it it was entered The phone Year 1879M Late rule Khedive Ismail Before Britain deposed him . It is the same palace that witnessed the end of the rule of the Alevi family in Egypt When he saw take off king Farouq And he saw his departure from his exile In Italy On the back of the guarded royal yacht from the Port of Ras The fig.

Building the palace

seem Muhammad Ali In the construction of the Ras al-Teen Palace in general 1834M To include it to his palaces in addition to other palaces he had in Alexandria He represented the Mahmudiya Palace and the Ibrahim Pasha Palace, and in its construction and repair it was later used by foreign engineers, including the engineer French Cerisy Bey , whom I summon Muhammad Ali Public 1828M To establish and supervise the House of Industry, he was entrusted with the design of the Sanctuary Pavilion in this palace, and two other engineers, Romeo and Almsio ( Mr. ) Leverne, also participated in its construction. This palace was built in 1845M. , and it took eleven years to build, but complementary works and the construction of additional pavilions remained in place for a year 1847Where It was officially opened.


Who is Louis Charles Lefebure Cerisy Bey?: 

Creator of the Egyptian fleet and Alexandria arsenal . Naval Architect French He was building some of the marine parts recommended by Muhammad Ali at the port of Toulon . When Muhammad Ali asked the French government to nominate him as a marine engineer who could build a naval arsenal that Cerisy had sent to him, Muhammad Ali granted him full powers to complete the work as quickly as possible..

In 1838, a dispute arose between Cerisy Bey and another French captain, Bison Bey, who had to submit his series to his resignation to Muhammad Ali, who tried to persuade him to withdraw his resignation, but he did not agree..



During the British campaign against Egypt in a year 1882He rose The English By bombing Alexandria during the renovations of the forts, destroying most of the city and causing panic for its residents . Two days after the bombing, the city raised its white flags, announcing that it had surrendered to the British, which later led to the burning of The Arab revolution. Instead of defending Khedive Tawfiq From the city, he received the commander of the British fleet Admiral Beauchamp Seymour , thereby placing his authority at the disposal of the occupiers . Then the Khedive English soldiers moved from Sand Palace To Ras Al-Teen Palace, which remained for most of the campaign period.

Architectural form and reason for naming

The palace is built in style European Which was common in Alexandria At that time, due to the large number of foreign communities present in Alexandria during that period, foreign workers were employed in building this palace And the Egyptians , and the palace was first built in the form of a fortress, and in its place were trees The fig Which existed in abundance in that region, and therefore it was called the Palace of Ras El-Teen and the Palace of Ras El-Teen remained one of the most important royal palaces, as it was a summer residence for rulers throughout the ages moving to it every year during the season the summer.

The remains of the old palace

There is currently only the Old Palace, except the eastern door, which has been incorporated into the construction of the new palace. It consists of 6 columns Granite Crowned by Egyptian crowns bearing a lintel with seven crowns in the form of Crohn’s Copper Inside it was written in copper verse Quranic And aphorisms about justice, such as ( justice is the balance of security ) – ( good justice is the security of kings ) – ( justice is the door to all good ) – ( Justify it is closer to piety ) – and this threshold is covered by an end of the statue Two lions , with a marble block in between Birds And shields Nisreen Interviewing, in the middle of it he wrote the name ( Muhammad Ali ) and history 1261 And it still exists until now.

Swimming pool

This palace had a bathroom swimming It has a foyer covered with glass, and King Farouk has created a marine bath instead of him at the breakwater yet World War II , in a place intended to be a site For air defense About Alexandria Port , this year, it was connected to a long berth in the Ras Palace The fig , and he used to reach him by land with a jeep, and he had a rest room with a sleeping room and a complete office for preparing food and rooms filled with fishing gear and had been received in recent years by the navy after all the belongings of King Farouk and his sisters were removed by the former princesses, as this place was their main resort in Alexandria.


Ras Al-Teen Modern Palace

The Ras Al-Teen Palace was rebuilt in an era King Fouad The style is in keeping with the spirit of the modern era by Italian engineer Virucci and engineer Hasan Pasha Adawi (He also built the Haramalik Palace in Al-Muntazah ) , and it cost 400,000 fairy And it became similar For Abdin Palace But it is smaller than the upper first floor, and the most important thing is in the first upper floor after the ascension from the ladder of ceremonies (the two attached salons ) in the Throne Hall, then the spacious and luxurious Throne Hall, formerly called the Hall The franchises , which are smaller than those of Abdin Palace, the private office, then a road leading to the main banquet hall, then the table room and the round-door locked hall, which is artificially lit and filled with inscriptions and ornaments distributed among its spacious areas, and in the King Farouk suite there is its bathroom which is a picture of a dish The origin is from Abdin’s bathroom, the bedroom, the office room, then the glasses salon, then the secret door to the former queen’s suite, where we find the ornamental salon, the deception and the private bathroom, which is similar to that of Abdin, then we find the grand and luxurious salon with a ( large balcony ) overlooking the port of Mahrousa, Then the smaller dining hall.



Ground floor

As for the ground floor, it contains the salon of the Harmelik, which has a splendor and splendor, wings of servants and entourage, then the round hall where the former king fell Farooq A document of abdication.

the basement

As for the basement, it also has the third round hall that leads to the stairs leading to Marsa The guarded ship That he left on king Farouq Egypt Heading to Italia.

the train

Next to the palace from this side station Railways The property that arrives inside the palace was designated for King Farouk’s transfers.

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