When Napoleon Bonaparte came to Egypt, the first thing he did was to go to the pyramids, and on his horseback, he addressed his soldiers by saying: “Look … Four thousand years are looking at you.”

In the past, they also said: “Oh, laugh, history of everything, except the pyramids, for they laugh at you.” Is this mythical miracle building, just a tomb for King Khufu, the owner of the pyramid, or is it an energy center around the world?

 “Herodotus” visited Egypt in the middle of the fifth century BC, where Egyptian priests and his companions provided him with information, even if some of them were not true or pure fiction, and they may have done so, intending to preserve the true secrets of the myth of Egyptian civilization, away from the eyes of strangers.


The Great Pyramid weighs about six million tons, and if we know that Khufu’s rule did not exceed twenty years, we are confused in the face of this mighty effort that established this huge building in this short period.

 Although the Great Pyramid is the most amazing thing in the history of Egyptian civilization, it has not been revealed from all sides, and its funerary temple and the Valley Temple are still buried under the ground, and it is thought that the connecting road between the two temples was apparent during the reign of “Herodot”, which he said about He is impressed by the pyramid itself.

 How were the early Egyptian ships able to carry these heavy and huge stones, and that to reach the worksite, they had to approach an area more than their location in the Nile River would allow. How did the ancient Egyptians achieve this achievement?


Perhaps the most important question is: How did they connect the Nile to the site of the pyramids itself, and by deciphering the long-lost papyrus of the ancient Egyptian seas “Merer”, to find out how the ancient Egyptians achieved this. We go to the point that this “Merer” was well versed in engineering sciences, as he recorded in the ancient papyrus that his crew participated in a scheme to divert water towards the pyramid, as they opened giant dams to divert water from the Nile and direct it to the pyramid through channels made by the ancient Egyptian.

 The papyrus revealed that “Merer” was assigned the task of obtaining stone pieces from the pyramid, as much as possible by changing the course of the water channels. The papyrus stated that “Merer was not working all the time in transporting stone blocks, rather it was only one of the various tasks that he undertook. Out during the year.


Did the ancient Egyptians know one of the most important modern sciences, the science of intelligent hydraulic engineering, as early as this, several thousand years ago? As for the more ambiguous question mark, did the Egyptians go to great lengths to establish a tomb for King Khufu? Let us leave the second part of the question, and stop now with the first part, because without the water channels, the ancient Egyptians might not have been able to build the Great Pyramid, and the final result is that great work was done in the pyramids area a few thousand years ago, through the opening of water channels, it was lost. They dug a series of deep canals with their hands and set up an inland port. Later, when “Merer” opened the dams, the waters of the Nile filled these channels, allowing its boats full of heavy stone blocks to dock a few meters from the Great Pyramid, and thus the ancient Egyptians knew of intelligent hydraulic engineering, For which it was impossible to ship the stones and to complete the pyramid of Khufu on time, without them.

 Many of the secrets of the pyramids, a mystery that is not clear to date, especially due to the inscriptions whose symbols have not yet been resolved, and that reside within it and still baffle scientists, but more than that, its astronomical formation, and its superficial alignment with the “Orion” space belt, It is another mystery that is not understood by features, nor is it clear features.

“Merer” Papyrus Diaries says that after the pyramid was built, it was covered with shiny white stones, which were brought from a distance of 15 miles from the pyramid, that is, from the area now known as “Mount Tora.”



These very precious and shiny white stones were added as the last layer to a pyramid that includes about six million tons of rocks underneath, which means that they were reflecting sunlight to become a prominent feature from miles away, and to the same extent, the idea is also consistent, and the possibility of this The layer plays the role of plates that absorb the sun’s energy, converting it into electrical energy… Where did those stones go?

Climate conditions and global warming have inevitably caused the occurrence of many of them, and for this reason, the walls of the pyramids have changed to yellow. Also, there have been periods in Egyptian history in which the historical significance of this miraculous act was not noticed, for example, and by orders from Sultan Al-Nasir Hassan, in the fourteenth century, many of these white stones were cut and used in building castles, ramparts and some mosques in ancient Egypt, and that is why some of them can be seen until now in Fatimid Cairo in particular.

Cemetery or global energy center?

Many researchers raise questions, through which they invoke mental abilities to think and find an answer to the above question. If the Great Pyramid was only a tomb for King Khufu, then why was his mummy not found until this hour, and if the room of the king, the owner of the pyramid, contained a coffin made of granite of several Tons, where is its cover, and how was it able to enter the depth of the pyramid, before an entrance to it was discovered?

And among the already confusing questions: Why has he left the pyramid without hieroglyphic inscriptions inside, indicating its secrets and the story of its construction, and the real goal of it, especially since the ancient Egyptians left their inscriptions on all temples, tombs, and obelisks, so is the neglect in the case of the Great Pyramid attributable to forgetfulness? Among those bewildering questions also: Why was the original Great Pyramid door blocked from time immemorial, and who blocked it?

Arab narratives say that the Caliph Al-Ma’mun bin Harun al-Rashid was as passionate about science as his father, and when he heard the description of the Great Pyramid, he worked to open a path into it, because the white stones were from the outside covering the main entrance, and that is why it was not visible before their eyes, and for thirty A month of heating the stones, pouring cold vinegar on them, cracking some of them, and reaching a depth of thirty meters inside, and when they entered King Khufu’s room, the coffin was empty, and the mission of Al-Mamun did not record it’s finding any treasures, mummies or papyri as if the pyramid was and will remain solid, and from Without any relation to the idea of ​​the tomb, which made other theories of scientists such as John Anthony, Robert Shock, Graham Hancock, and Robert Bauval, linking the pyramid to the mystery of the earth’s energy … so what about that?

Cosmic Wonder Symbols

The age of the Egyptian Pharaonic civilization exceeds seven thousand years and reaches eleven thousand years, and at the heart of that civilization stands the Great Pyramid, which has a height of 149.9 meters, which is approximately the same distance between the earth and the sun, where the distance of the earth from the sun is 149.4 million km. There is the direction of the door of the earthly pyramid, in the same direction as the Polar Star, and the edges of the pyramid face exactly the original directions. While looking at the stones of the Great Pyramid, he sees that they are equal to 2.3 million stones, weighing a total of 5.05 million tons and that the ratio between the weight of the pyramid stones and their mass is the same as the ratio between the mass of the earth and its weight.

The pyramid is located at a latitude of 30 and a longitude of 30 with a deviation of 1.15 minutes, which is the same proportion of the deflection of light when it entered the atmosphere, and the Great Pyramid was and is still a mirror image of the Orient group in which it recorded the stages of building the pyramid through the Orient star clock, and perhaps more interesting is that The Great Pyramid from the inside has an air conditioning system, or a ventilation system, that makes the temperature in the king’s room 22 degrees at all times of the year. So is all of the above a kind of coincidence, or is the matter deeper, and that the pyramid was a measure of solar energy pathways, and a generator of types Of electrical and nuclear energy, but microscopic energy, which is the basis for the newest energy weapons around the world, known as “runaway weapon?”

 Another view of the Great Pyramid being of a special kind.

Tesla and the energy of the pyramids

 A viewpoint stating that the main purpose of building the pyramids was not to bury Khufu or other kings of the Pharaohs, but rather to be a “source of energy”, and for the pyramids to be a giant machine capable of producing and transmitting electromagnetic frequencies and various types of energy …. Does this opinion have some kind of relevance?

The internal structure of the Great Pyramid is very similar to the modern power station, and the Great Pyramid with its structure as a power station is very similar to the giant power station that the American company, Tesla, began to construct in the Australian continent, to generate power for a large part of the region. … But, how was this done thousands of years ago … is that the case?

In short, the 118 pyramids that Egypt knew were nothing but machines and power stations connected wirelessly, and the Great Pyramid has the main role in operating groups, as it absorbs the energy of the earth’s crust resulting from seismic vibrations and collects it inside the body of the pyramid, and traces have already been found. Zinc and meteorite have chloride in the king’s room and corridors and have proven the existence of reactions within the pyramid, the goal of which is to obtain the hydrogen molecule.

The energy that is collected inside the pyramid is transformed inside the grand hall with resonators to sound energy directed towards the king’s room, and with it, the hydrogen molecule is also broken into single hydrogen atoms, and the energy of the hydrogen ray is extracted from the pyramid, and utilized in an unknown way.

This scientific view makes the pyramid able to use the natural properties of the earth, to create and produce a large amount of energy.

The British archaeologist, Abdul Hakim Hakimoyan, says: “From that spot, as you know, the energy may have been derived from the earth, and it appears from the excavations that they were trying to control the flow of this energy and use it for their purposes.” Has anyone indicated the existence of this energy through a real experiment ??

We cannot definitively conclude with the validity of the theory linking the pyramid to energy, which was rejected by a large number of archaeologists and physicists, but it is popular with others, especially those who dared to climb to the top of the Great Pyramid especially, and who were destined to notice the emergence of small shifts in energy, especially in their sense of the extremities of the body, and some even reached the feeling of electric shocks, and although climbing and ascending the Great Pyramid is now a forbidden and legally criminal matter, it was not like this in the nineteenth century, and among the many stories that came to us, the story of the British inventor Sir William Siemens When he reached the top of the pyramid, he was pointing to one of the guides with his finger, and there was a loud, ringing sound in his ear, and he felt a feeling as if something was emerging from the other end and spreading through his hand.

 The pyramids still represent a mystery and a dilemma, and despite the civilization and scientific progress that man has reached in the twenty-first century, he is still unable to fully decipher the codes of those edifices, and it remains finally to confirm that the human knowledge reached by the ancient Egyptians, has Some of its strings were lost due to a sudden disaster that killed the owners of civilization, at some point in human history, and it might be a flood, and this is why the pyramid mystery will often remain until God inherits the earth and those on it.

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