Mohamed Awad and Yasmine Nasr celebrated their first wedding anniversary inside the quarantine at Kafr el-Zayat Hospital as they tested positive to coronavirus.

The medical team at the hospital was keen on sharing that special moment with the couple, where they brought a cake and balloons and took part in the celebration to raise the couple’s morale.

The couple thanked the doctors and nurses, and the husband posted pictures of their celebration at the quarantine on his Facebook account, congratulating his wife on their wedding anniversary, and wishing that next year, he and his wife would be celebrating their anniversary together.

Hisham Shiha, the general manager of the hospitals at the health directorate, said that 10 children, with ages ranging from 1.5- 12 years old, are currently being treated in the quarantine in Kafr el-Zayat.

Shiha added that the hospital has hired a psychiatrist to help raise the morale of the medical team and the patients who test positive to COVID-19.

A total number of five new COVID-19 cases were announced Tuesday in Gharbiya governorate, raising the number of positive cases to 23. Also, the death of an 87-year-old woman was reported.