Egyptian Cities, Towns and Governorates


When most people think about towns and cities in Egypt, the main ones that come to mind are the major cities or the ones with popular tourist attractions, but there are more than 200 towns and cities with a population of over 15,000 in Egypt.


Because 90% of Egypt is desert, most of the towns have developed bordering the River Nile, along the shores of the Mediterranean or Red Seas, beside the Suez Canal, or among various desert oases. Due to Egypt’s enormous population growth, this has caused many areas to be built on sandy foundations, rather than the more sustainable soil. Giza is a prime example of this as it slowly moves towards the plateau where the famous pyramids were built.


For administrative purposes, Egypt is divided into 27 governorates, which are the top level of the country’s five-level jurisdiction system that determines which administrative body has authority to decide certain things. Each province is administered by a governor, who is appointed by the President of Egypt, serving at the president’s discretion.




These governorates have a population density of more than one-thousand per km², although the three most significant (Cairo, Alexandria, and Giza) have a population density of less than two per km². Egypt’s governorates are either entirely “urban” or else a mixture of “urban” and “rural”. The official distinction between “urban” and “rural” is reflected in the lower levels of administrative authority: urban governorates have no regions, or “Markaz”, as these are just an assortment of villages. Governorates may, however, consist of only one city, as is the case with Cairo or Alexandria, for example. These one-city governorates are divided into districts (fundamentally urban neighborhoods). Cairo has twenty-three districts, while Alexandria has only six.


Here is a list of all Egyptian cities with a polulation over 15,000:

Name Governorate 2016 Population
Cairo Cairo 9,947,216
Alexandria Alexandria 6,084,672
Giza Giza 7,615,165
Shubra el-Khema Qalyubia 2,025,569
Port Said Port Said 570,603
Suez Suez 500,000
El Mahalla el Kubra Gharbia 442,958
El Mansoura Dakahlia 439,348
Tanta Gharbia 422,854
Asyut Asyut 389,307
Fayoum Fayoum 315,940
Zagazig Sharqia 302,840
Ismailia Ismailia 293,184
Khusus Qalyubia 291,242
Aswan Aswan 266,013
Damanhur Beheira 244,043
El-Minya Minya 236,043
Damietta Damietta 206,664
Luxor Luxor 202,232
Qena Qena 201,191
Beni Suef Beni Suef 193,048
Sohag Sohag 190,132
Shibin el-Kom Monufia 177,112
Hurghada Red Sea 160,901
Banha Qalyubia 157,701
Kafr al-Sheikh Kafr el-Sheikh 147,393
Mallawi Minya 139,929
El Arish North Sinai 137,944
Belbeis Sharqia 137,182
10th of Ramadan City Sharqia 125,920
Marsa Matruh Matruh 120,539
Mit Ghamr Dakahlia 116,593
Kafr el-Dawwar Beheira 114,030
Qalyub Qalyubia 107,303
Desouk Kafr el-Sheikh 106,827
Abu Kabir Sharqia 103,175
Girga Sohag 102,597
Akhmim Sohag 101,509
El-Matareya Dakahlia 100,566
Edko Beheira 97,168
Bilqas Dakahlia 94,700
Zifta Gharbia 93,740
Samalut Minya 91,475
Menouf Monufia 89,262
Senbellawein Dakahlia 86,786
Tahta Sohag 85,528
Bush Beni Suef 85,319
Ashmoun Monufia 83,931
Manfalut Asyut 82,585
Senuris Fayoum 82,148
Beni Mazar Minya 79,553
Faqous Sharqia 78,405
Talkha Dakahlia 78,281
Armant Qena 76,457
Maghagha Minya 75,657
Manzala Dakahlia 75,034
Dairut Asyut 72,856
Kom Ombo Aswan 71,596
Kafr al-Zayat Gharbia 71,272
Abu Tig Asyut 70,969
Qis Asyut 69,388
Edfu Aswan 69,000
Rosetta Beheira 68,947
Esna Qena 68,656
Dikirnis Dakahlia 67,732
Abnub Asyut 67,526
Tima Sohag 67,443
Beila Kafr el-Sheikh 66,663
El-Kanater al-Khiria Qalyubia 66,350
Al-Fashn Beni Suef 65,621
Al-Mansha Sohag 65,484
Al-Kareen Sharqia 64,453
El-Gamalia Dakahlia 63,894
Fuwa Kafr el-Sheikh 63,175
Minya al-Qamh Sharqia 62,331
Kharga New Valley 60,584
Qus Qena 60,068
Khanka Qalyubia 59,500
Abu Qirqas Minya 57,892
Biba Beni Suef 57,716
Samannoud Gharbia 57,177
Minyet al-Nasr Dakahlia 56,000
Shibin al-Qanater Qalyubia 55,272
Ibshawai Fayoum 54,853
Sherbin Dakahlia 54,785
Drib Nigm Sharqia 53,384
Basyoun Gharbia 53,226
Sers el-Lyan Monufia 52,653
Dishna Qena 52,534
Al-Hamool Kafr el-Sheikh 51,209
Farshut Qena 51,052
Tala Monufia 49,468
Ash-Shuhada Monufia 49,447
Tamiya Fayoum 49,385
Mashtul el-Sook Sharqia 48,709
Sadat City Monufia 48,666
El-Ghanayem Asyut 48,144
Itsa Fayoum 47,189
Al-Baliyana Sohag 46,997
Hosh Issa Beheira 46,994
Matai Minya 46,903
Juhayna Sohag 46,768
Sidi Salem Kafr el-Sheikh 45,906
Naj Hammadi Qena 45,038
Quesna Monufia 44,667
Hehya Sharqia 44,465
Abul Matamir Beheira 44,415
El Ubour Qalyubia 43,600
El-Badari Asyut 42,770
Al-Kanayat Sharqia 42,563
At-Tall al-Kabir Ismailia 42,552
El-Delengat Beheira 41,768
Al-Hammam Matruh 41,741
Tukh Qalyubia 41,624
Bagour Monufia 41,072
Etay el-Barud Beheira 40,744
Deir Mawas Minya 40,640
Baltim Kafr el-Sheikh 40,199
Abu Hammad Sharqia 39,361
Abu Hummus Beheira 39,350
Nabaroh Dakahlia 38,953
Sharm el-Sheikh South Sinai 38,478
Daraw Aswan 38,400
Al-Maragha Sohag 38,393
Sumusta al-Waqf Beni Suef 37,965
Al-Wasta Beni Suef 37,916
Ihnasiya Beni Suef 37,174
Kom Hamadah Beheira 36,334
Al-Quseir Red Sea 35,045
Qallin Kafr el-Sheikh 35,033
Birkat al-Sab Monufia 33,873
Safaga Red Sea 33,715
Ezbet el-Borg Damietta 33,538
Faraskur Damietta 33,000
Al-Ibrahimiya Sharqia 32,167
El-Santa Gharbia 32,033
Ras Gharib Red Sea 31,860
Sahel Selim Asyut 31,781
Dar as-Salam Sohag 31,736
Rafah North Sinai 31,515
Mit Salsil Dakahlia 31,272
Al-Husseinieh Sharqia 30,825
Kafr el-Batikh Damietta 30,500
Kafr Saqr Sharqia 30,333
Bani Ubayd Dakahlia 30,048
El-Qantara Ismailia 29,505
Metoubes Kafr el-Sheikh 29,428
El-Rahmaniyah Beheira 29,393
Shubrakhit Beheira 28,505
El-Mahmoudiyah Beheira 28,277
Al-Waqf Qena 27,525
New Damietta City Damietta 27,028
Qaha Qalyubia 26,694
Kotoor Gharbia 24,518
Abu Suweir-el-Mahatta Ismailia 24,265
Kafr Shukr Qalyubia 23,390
Kafr Saad Damietta 22,500
Qift Qena 22,063
Fayed Ismailia 21,808
Saqultah Sohag 21,695
Wadi al-Natrun Beheira 21,540
Naqadah Qena 21,530
As-Sarw Damietta 21,500
Awlad Saqr Sharqia 21,370
Sidi Barrani Matruh 21,060
Al-Basaliyah Bahri Aswan 21,000
Badr Beheira 20,971
Sedfa Asyut 20,931
El-Qantara ash-Sharqiya Ismailia 20,700
Ar-Ruda Damietta 20,500
Mut New Valley 20,439
Al-Tur South Sinai 19,826
New Salhia Sharqia 18,957
Ash-Shaykh Zawid North Sinai 18,577
Riyadh Kafr el-Sheikh 18,263
New Beni Suef Beni Suef 25,921
Aga Dakahlia 17,580
Ad-Dabah Matruh 27,559
Al-Zarqa Damietta 22,500
As-Sibaiyah Gharb Aswan 27,300
Siwa Matruh 30,056
El-Idwa Minya 2515,875
Yusuf as-Siddiq Fayoum 25,660
Al-Bayadiyah Luxor 25,501