Egypt is full of many famous restaurants throughout major cities like Cairo and Alexandria and even in smaller towns. There are a splendid amount of choices in big cities and more limited choices in smaller towns, but you will always be pleasantly surprised at the selection and quality you can find. Most famous restaurants here offer international cuisine along with traditional Egyptian food which is definitely worth giving a try when in this amazing country. Also in addition to the regular culinary fares, many popular hotel chains in Egypt make arrangements for famous chefs to fly here for week log extravaganzas and food festivals which can offer a heavenly experience for food lovers.



In the past few years the prices on Egyptian menus have seen a steep rise in some famous Egyptian restaurants making the pricing similar in some cases to high class restaurants in places like London and New York. However, there are many simple restaurants where prices are still affordable and the food is delicious. Meanwhile, cheaper restaurants in Egypt do not serve alcohol but expensive imported wines can be enjoyed at more expensive establishments.


Some Of Egypt’s Top Restaurants


  • Akher Sa’a, Cairo
  • Citadel View Restaurant, Cairo
  • Koshari et-Tahrir, Cairo
  • Sequoia, Cairo
  • Abou as-Sid, Cairo
  • Andrea’s Chicken and Fish Restaurant, Giza The Pyramids
  • Fish Market, Giza The Pyramids
  • Moghul Rooms, Giza The Pyramids
  • Abu Ashraf, Alexandria
  • Fish Market, Alexandria
  • Mohammed Ahmed, Alexandria
  • Samakmak, Alexandria
  • Trianon, Alexandria
  • Café del Mar, Hurghadah
  • Portofino, Red Sea coast
  • Orient 1001, Red Sea coast
  • 1886, Winter Palace Hotel, Luxor and Karnak
  • Bombay Restaurant, Luxor and Karnak
  • Koshary El-Zaeem, Luxor and Karnak
  • Tutankhamun, Luxor and Karnak
  • 1902 Restaurant, Aswan
  • Aswan Moon, Aswan
  • Koshary Ali Baba Restaurant, Aswan


What Do They Serve?

The restaurants mentioned above serve both traditional Egyptian food as well as famous international cuisine. The food is fresh and well made. Price can vary a lot. Some restaurants offer a meal which can break the bank and others offer prices that are well within most budgets. Many restaurants also have vegetarian options.


Most hotels also offer a spectacular view where people can savor food as well as the beautiful sights at the same time.


From an informal and laid-back atmosphere at the waterside to a sophisticated and elegant setting in the city center, restaurants in Egypt include all such options and many more. It’s easy to look online and find unlimited options for eating out in Egypt, but the above list is also a good place to start for discovering the truly unique and most delicious restaurants that we recommend in particular here at Ask Aladdin.