Egypt Protectorates, Egypt National Parks

Egypt is located in a unique geographical location between Asia and Africa. The country is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea in the north and Red Sea in the east and enjoys a unique and diverse environment and natural beauty. As a measure to conserve the natural biodiversity of Egypt and its flora and fauna as well, […]

Egypt Travel Safety

Generally speaking, traveling to Egypt is safe and Egyptians are very friendly and welcoming people. Locals here help in most cases as much as they can when any tourist needs assistance. Most trips into the deserts at Egypt have checkpoints where people inform you about your travel to the destination and ensure that you will safely […]

Egypt Famous Restaurants

Egypt is full of many famous restaurants throughout major cities like Cairo and Alexandria and even in smaller towns. There are a splendid amount of choices in big cities and more limited choices in smaller towns, but you will always be pleasantly surprised at the selection and quality you can find. Most famous restaurants here offer international […]

Egypt Hospitality

Egypt is the land of the pharaohs with a rich culture stretching from antiquity right up to the present. It has been a popular destination among tourists from all across the globe for centuries – and for good reason. Located in the northeastern part of Africa, Egypt is a Muslim republic and Arabic is the most […]

Egypt Modern Art

If you are searching for a travel destination where you can see an altogether different type of art then Egypt is exactly the spot you’ve been looking for. With their magnificent pyramids, unique temples, statues, works of art, stoneware, gems, and more you truly can’t go wrong. Egyptian art is stunning and unique. A ton of the […]

Ancient Medicine

Ancient Egyptians have helped a lot in providing a great deal of knowledge and evidence about ancient medicine to modern historians. This knowledge has been discovered on the many papyrus scrolls which have been found in archeological excavations in Egypt. In ancient Egypt illnesses were not just cured by magicians and the medicine man but also by doctors and physicians. […]

Ancient Egypt Dance

            Ancient Egyptians loved music and dance. In fact, mnany men and women chose music and dance as a career and became professionals. Leisure hours in Egypt were filled with singing and dancing. Dance was performed not just for recreational purposes but on other occasions as well. Farmers danced to thank […]

Ancient Houses

During ancient times Egyptians lived in houses made from mud bricks. The annual floods brought a lot of mud which made the construction process easier. Brick makers molded mud into square shapes using wooden molds after which these were dried and hardened in the sun. The houses of the poor were made from single walls […]

Ancient Egypt Games

Various games were popular in ancient Egypt. They were diverse and took a number of forms. Games were for all, some favored by adults, others by children and some by all ages. Games of all kinds of indoor games, outdoor sports, and informal games were played by many Egyptians.   The Game Of Senet   Board […]

Ancient Egypt Food

Food eaten by people in ancient Egypt had similarities between not just Africa but west Asia as well. Egyptians got most of their calories from wheat, barley, and olive oil. The Egyptian food chart comprised lots of different foods and believed in eating well. Even the poorest people during this time enjoyed a healthy diet comprised of fruits […]