Ancient Egyptian Temples

Temples were very important in ancient Egypt and people believed that these were places where gods and goddesses lived. Every god or goddess had a different temple where he or she was worshipped by the priests of the temple and the pharaoh. Temples here were not a place of communal worship and it was just […]

Ancient Egyptian Gods

Many gods were worshiped devoutly throughout ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians Gods were a multitude of gods, where each associated with some specific element or quality. Below are 30 of the most famous Gods of Egypt in no particular order.   Amun: The King of the Egyptian gods was the greatest of the sun gods. Depictions of Amun represent him as […]

Fertility Shrines of Ancient Egypt

Fertility is the process of birth and the coming of a new creature into the world. A woman who is capable of giving birth to a healthy child is indeed a good lady who is free from all sins of the world. This was a major belief of ancient Egyptians and they had a special […]

Ancient Egyptian Music

Music was an important part of the life of the people in ancient Egypt and musicians during this time were offered a number of prominent positions in society. Music was very central to the way of life, which can be easily seen from the many texts and illustrations which were found on the monuments in Egypt […]

Om Ali – Egyptian Bread & Butter Pudding

Oum Ali is a very popular traditional dessert in Egypt. Oum Ali basically stands for “the mother of Ali.” It is an Egyptian bread and butter pudding that is made from butter, puff pastry and lots of cream and nuts. It is an extremely delicious and soft dessert and is usually served with raisins and warm […]

Melokiyah Madness: Egyptian Greens and Chicken Stew

Melokiyah Madness is a deliciously delightful Egyptian chicken dish with a greenish color caused by its ingredients of spinach and coriander. This tasty dish also consists of rice along with chicken. Here’s how to make melokiyah madness and wow your guests with authentic Egyptian cuisine!     Ingredients   2 teaspoons ground coriander 1teaspoon salt […]

Marsa Alam Travel Guide

Marsa Alam is a port and resort located on the Red Sea in the southeast of Egypt. It is 700 kilometers away from Cairo and 280 kilometers away from Hurghada   This popular resort is located 135 km south of Al-Qusseir and 270 km south of Hurghada and is connected to Edfu by a 289 Km long […]

El-Qusseir Travel Guide

El-Qusseir is a great vacation spot located on the Red Sea. Recently, several different types of hotels have been established where tourists can take part in water sports and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.   Economically, el-Qusseir is an important port for exporting phosphate and is connected to Qena city by a 220km-long road.     Find out more […]

Safaga Travel Guide

Safaga is an Egyptian city located 65 kilometers south of Hurghada. It is a marine port that is connected by a cruise shuttle service line with Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Safaga city is considered an extremely important center particularly in the field of special medical research.         The Safaga resort is reputable because of its […]

The City Of Hurghada Travel Guide

The city of Hurghada is another major tourist attraction in Egypt. Hurghada is located on the Red Sea coast, almost 550 km from Cairo. Egyptians once called it Ghardaka, from which the name of the city was derived. Hurghada attracts more than 2.5 million visitors each year and brings more than 3 billion dollars to Egypt’s economy […]