Egyptian Dessert

  Desserts form an important part of any meal in Egypt. It’s often said, “When you are stressed you eat chocolates, ice creams, and sweets, and you know why because stressed spelled backward spells desserts.”    Every country has its distinct sets of desserts which are cooked in their traditional style and Egypt absolutely loves […]

Egyptian People

When planning a trip or visiting a place there are various things to consider. In addition to the beauty of the place, the friendliness nd heart of the locals of that place is also very important. An extremely beautiful place with people who are rude and mean becomes a real drag for tourists.  People with helping […]

About Egyptian Women

  Unlike many other traditional societies, Egyptian women enjoy full equality with men, although they have some different cultural roles. They have the same financial rights and professional respect accorded to them and are vastly influential in the home and the workplace. In Egypt the variations between individuals’ legitimate rights depend much more on contrasts in social class […]

Where to invest in Egypt

Where To Invest In Egypt   Egypt has witnessed a lot of ups and downs in recent few years, but the country is now getting back on track. Investors are now seeing Egyptian market as a fruitful and future-oriented market and encouraging more and more investors to come and invest here. Egyptian oil, gas and petrochemical industries […]

Egypt’s Education System

Egypt’s Education System is a combination of three cultural and religious heritages, namely Islamic (traditional) secular Egyptian (Westernized) and British (neo-colonial). The socio-economic status of the people of Egypt is reflected in the education system which is undergirded by a firm belief that education is extremely crucial for the national development of the country and its […]

Queen Elizabeth cancels birthday plans and traditional gun salutes due to the coronavirus

For the first time in 68 years, Queen Elizabeth II will not be marking her birthday with the traditional royal gun salute. The Queen canceled the celebration because she felt it would be inappropriate due to the coronavirus pandemic, a royal source told CNN on Saturday. The Palace is expected to celebrate the Queen’s 94th birthday […]

Too early to worry if COVID-19 will delay 2020 Tokyo Olympics again, expert says

It is premature to think the novel coronavirus outbreak will further delay the Tokyo Olympics, which have already been postponed a year, Brian McCloskey, an expert on global health security and outbreak prevention told Reuters. Under increasing pressure from athletes, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Tokyo Games organizers last month postponed the 2020 Games for one year […]

U.S. lawmakers ‘very close’ to small business COVID-19 funding deal

U.S. lawmakers are very close to an agreement on approving extra money to help small businesses hurt by the coronavirus pandemic and could seal a deal as early as Sunday, congressional and Trump administration officials said. “I think we’re very close to a deal today and I’m hopeful we can get that done,” U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve […]

Health minister appointed member at African fund to confront Covid-19

Legal Counsel of the African Union Namira Negm announced on Saturday the appointment of Egyptian Health Minister Hala Zayed as member at the board of the African fund to confront the novel coronavirus (Covid-19). In a press statement, Zayed said South African mobile company MTN will collect a one-dollar donation from all its clients in […]

Egypt’s National Council for Women launches coronavirus awareness campaign

Under the auspices of the Egyptian media platforms of Extra News and Egypt Today, the National Council for Women launched an awareness campaign to help people avoid the coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. This comes in cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the World Health Organization. It […]