Mystery of “Nefertiti” the most beautiful woman in the world and the Queen of Egypt .?

Nefertiti Queen Nefertiti Whose name means “beautiful came” is the king’s wife Fourth Amenhot  -Which became later Akhenaten- Pharaoh The eighteenth family Famous, protectors Tutankhamun. She was considered one of the most powerful women in ancient Egypt. She lived a short time after the death of her husband and helped Tutankhamun to take over the king, and this beautiful queen had a […]

Richard Wadani: Austrian Nazi deserter dies aged 97

An Austrian who deserted Nazi Germany’s armies and switched to the Allied side in World War Two has died aged 97. Richard Wadani was drafted into the German army but escaped on his second attempt in 1944, going on to serve in a British-led unit. After the end of the conflict he campaigned for justice […]

Branson offers Caribbean island to secure Virgin bailout

Sir Richard Branson has pledged his luxury island resort as collateral to help get a UK government bailout of his stricken airline Virgin Atlantic. The billionaire Virgin Group boss said in an open letter to staff he was not asking for a handout, but a commercial loan, believed to be £500m. The airline’s survival was in doubt, […]

Facebook reveals Gaming app to rival Twitch and YouTube

Facebook has launched a dedicated gaming app earlier than planned, in its latest attempt to grow its presence in the online gaming world. Facebook said the “accelerated” launch was a direct response to the Covid-19 lockdown. The app lets users follow high-profile gamers, watch live gaming streams and leave comments without interacting with the rest […]

Brazil’s Bolsonaro joins anti-lockdown protests

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro has come under criticism for joining protesters demanding that restrictions on movement introduced to stop the spread of coronavirus be lifted. Mr Bolsonaro has clashed in recent weeks with state governors who have imposed lockdowns, denouncing the measures as “dictatorial”. As of Sunday, Brazil had more than 38,000 confirmed cases, the […]

Germany relaxes shop closures

Germany has reopened small shops, car dealerships and bicycle stores, in a tentative easing of the coronavirus lockdown imposed nearly a month ago. The country has flattened the curve of new infections and last week said it had got the spread under control. But social distancing remains in force. In Saxony it is mandatory for […]

Egypt Protectorates, Egypt National Parks

Egypt is located in a unique geographical location between Asia and Africa. The country is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea in the north and Red Sea in the east and enjoys a unique and diverse environment and natural beauty. As a measure to conserve the natural biodiversity of Egypt and its flora and fauna as well, […]

Egypt Travel Safety

Generally speaking, traveling to Egypt is safe and Egyptians are very friendly and welcoming people. Locals here help in most cases as much as they can when any tourist needs assistance. Most trips into the deserts at Egypt have checkpoints where people inform you about your travel to the destination and ensure that you will safely […]

Egypt Famous Restaurants

Egypt is full of many famous restaurants throughout major cities like Cairo and Alexandria and even in smaller towns. There are a splendid amount of choices in big cities and more limited choices in smaller towns, but you will always be pleasantly surprised at the selection and quality you can find. Most famous restaurants here offer international […]

Egypt Hospitality

Egypt is the land of the pharaohs with a rich culture stretching from antiquity right up to the present. It has been a popular destination among tourists from all across the globe for centuries – and for good reason. Located in the northeastern part of Africa, Egypt is a Muslim republic and Arabic is the most […]